I am a postdoctoral researcher in Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at Boston University. Here, in the Child Language Lab, with Sudha Arunachalam, I study language development of typically-developing children as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). My current research focuses on word learning; I look at how factors like prior knowledge, processing ability, pragmatic/discourse sensitivity, extralinguistic representation, parental input, etc., independently and interactively influence child learners' lexical acquisition.

I received my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Maryland College Park. There, in the Project on Children's Language Learning lab, I investigated young children's language development, with a particular focus on how they acquire novel verb meanings. I worked closely with Jeffrey Lidz, Alexander Williams, Alexis Wellwood, and many others.

Beyond these particular focuses, I am broadly interested in studying human cognition using language as a window. This embraces a wide range of topics on linguistics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, computer science, etc., and most importantly, the fascinating intersections of these disciplines.